Editorial Board & Readers’ Panel

The Publications/Editorial & Readers’ Board acts as a Sub-Committee and is responsible for selecting, reading, editing and publishing SEA’s Publications. They all act on a volunteer basis and receive no remuneration for their work.

The Journal and the Hermeneutic Circular are published twice a year and sent to members free of charge. Issues and articles can be downloaded from this website. The SEA is concerned with implementing an environmentally responsible policy and is working towards being able to offer these publications digitally in the future, with an option for printed copied, upon specific request.

In addition, the Sea publishes the SEA Dialogues Series which can be purchased online.

Editorial board

Editors: Simon du Plock & Martin Adams

Board members

  • Daniel Burston
  • Betty Cannon
  • Alice Holzhey-Kunz
  • Bo Jacobson
  • Alec Jenner
  • Rimantas Koeiunas
  • Kevin Krycka
  • Darren Langdridge
  • Alfried Langle
  • Dmitry Leontiev
  • Yaqui Andrés Martínez
  • Martin Milton
  • Roberto Novaes
  • Victor Rodrigues
  • Andrea Sabbadini
  • Kirk Schneider
  • Ernesto Spinelli
  • M. Guy Thompson
  • Les Todres
  • Emmy van Deurzen

Readers’ panel

The Reader Panel is made up of many of the Journal’s Editorial Board, Peer Review Co-ordinator Richard Swann, plus:

Panel members

  • Claire Arnold Baker
  • George Berguno
  • Monia Brizzi
  • Edgar Correia
  • Emmy van Deurzen
  • Neil Gibson
  • Harriett Goldenberg
  • Hugh Hetherington
  • Claire Marshall
  • Martin Milton
  • Diana Mitchell
  • Niklas Serning
  • Ernesto Spinelli
  • M. Guy Thompson
  • Karen Weixel-Dixon