The aim of Existential Analysis, the journal of the Society for Existential Analysis, is to provide a forum for the expression of views and the exchange of ideas amongst those interested in existential-phenomenological analysis and its application to therapeutic practice and everyday life.

Existential Analysis is edited by Prof Simon du Plock & Dr Martin Adams. They can be contacted at In addition to our international Editorial Board, the journal also operates a Reader Panel, all of whom are well-established Existential therapists, psychologists and philosophers with expertise in various areas of existential-phenomenological theory and practice. The Reader Panel  contributes to the peer review process for publications and journal submissions.

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Journal index

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Volume 1: Founding Edition – 1990


  • What is Existential Analysis – John M. Heaton
  • What is Existential Analysis – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
  • Phenomenological method and Client centred therapy – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Crisis Intervent...

Volume 2: R.D. Laing Memorial issue – 1991


  • Treatment – Andrea Sabbadini
  • On the existential phenomenological background of R.D.Laings ‘The Divided Self’ – Alfons Greider
  • Orientation – Aaron Esterson
  • R.D.Laing – The first five year...

Volume 3: Thomas Szasz on the Therapeutic Dialogue – 1992


  • Taking Dialogue as Therapy Seriously – Words are the Essential Tools of Therapy – Thomas Szasz
  • A Summary of ‘Taking Dialogue as Therapy Seriously’ – Arthur Jonathon
  • Dialogue as Therapy –...

Volume 4: Reconsidering the Unconscious – 1993


  • Dream Analysis: do we need the Unconscious – Gion Condrau
  • Everything is what it is, not something else. A response to Gion Condrau – Sarah Young
  • The Unconscious: an idea whose time has g...

Volume 5: Psychotherapy in question? – 1994


  • Courting Death : Mortal Ambitions of Existential Analysis – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
  • The question of power in psychotherapy – Jeffrey Moussieff Masson
  • Questioning the power of psychotherap...

Volume 6.1: Worlds of Existential Psychotherapy I – 1995


  • On Disclosure – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Misconceptions in Existential Psychotherapy – Hans W Cohn
  • The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Centre : a brief history – Edward L Murray & Daniel Burston
  • T...

Volume 6.2: Worlds of Existential Psychotherapy II – 1995


  • Husserl, Phenomenology,and Psychology – Alfons Greider
  • Heidegger and Psychotherapy – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
  • The condition of man in space – Rainer Thurnher
  • The seduction of Positivism: A...

Volume 7.1: The Legacy of Rollo May – 1996


  • Existential-Phenomenology for the consumer age: the promise and failure of EST – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Rollo May, Paul Tillich and Existential Psychotherapy in America – Robert Abzug
  • The Trag...

Volume 7.2: Phenomenological perspectives on Psychotherapy – 1996


  • Some idle and random thoughts on Phenomenology and Mental Health – F.A.Jenner and M.C.Chung
  • Psychiatry and Hermenutics: Dilthey, Heidegger and Gadamer – Anthony Hazzard
  • Anxiety: an Exist...

Volume 8.1 Martin Heidegger and Psychotherapy – 1997


  • Towards a sketch of an Existential Phenomenological theory of sexuality – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Why Heidegger – Gion Condrau
  • Martin Heideggers influence upon British psychology and Psychother...