SEA Dialogues

In May 2019 the SEA launched a new project called the SEA Existential Dialogues.

SEA members are invited to join this project by engaging in dialogue with a colleague to discuss the theory and practice of Existential Therapy in relation to a theme of their choice, following these guidelines:

  1. The content should discuss any theme inherent to both theory and practice of Existential Therapy.
  2. The two interlocutors should be Existential Therapists, UK, International or Students members of the SEA.
  3. The Dialogues should consist of an exchange of ten letters (or emails), introduced and concluded by a third person, the Editor.
  4. The manuscript, written in English, will have to be submitted to the SEA in a finished and edited, proof-read and correctly referenced format.
  5. The SEA has the right to approve or reject (if the content is deemed unsuitable) the manuscript. Such decision will be final.
  6. The SEA will not be liable for or responsible for opinions expressed by the authors.
  7. If approved, the SEA will proceed to online publication through Amazon in paperback and kindle format.
  8. Copyrights and all sales revenue will be donated to the SEA. This also applies to any translation of the original manuscript.

Will your Dialogue be next?