Hermeneutic Circular

Hermeneutic Circular is the newsletter of the SEA, a paper copy of which is sent to members twice each year in April and in October. The newsletter depends largely on members contributing content.

Articles published in the newsletter are intended to be informal, personal and relatively anecdotal in nature – they are not academic. They encompass a wide range of topics that include:

  • Reporting on SEA and other existential therapy events
  • Psychotherapy practice issues
  • Existential and phenomenological themes and ideas
  • Creative and other writing related to existential reflections

Hermeneutic Circular also carries advertising – for forthcoming events, courses, books and other services and information.

To submit an article or enquire about advertising, please contact the editor, Andrew Miller: hceditor@existentialanalysis.org.uk. To receive the latest editions of the newsletter as soon as they are published, join the society here.

All back issues are available to members here while logged in to the community site.