From Marion Steel

these events are so precious, not being theory led, but allowing the phenomenon of the art works to speak to us of existential concerns directly, out of lived, felt experience. And being present to David Cotterrell’s art forms and hearing him speak of them I felt your William James chapter did lead us in beautifully to what was at issue, very directly in his art, his central concern, of communicating across the cultural divides, assumptions, bias, asking us to be curious about the experience of others, fundamentally, to question… To question what we see or think we see!

From Patapia Tzotzoli

… To be interested in art requires that you are interested about concepts and notions beyond yourself. Yet, this nurtures you back. The beautiful paradox of art! When you blend psychology into the mix it adds an enticing quality; art reflects like a mirror and as such it tells as much about the artist as it tells about us.