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Vol.9.1 Phenomenology in practice 1998 SOLD OUT – pdf available

On the experience and representation of space – Martin Adams
Helping people with existential crises – David Welsh Simpson
Is a Sartrean based existential-phenomenological group therapy viable? – Inder Manocha
John Bowlby’s concern with the actual phenomenological aspects of attachment theory – Hans W Cohn
The philosophical basis of attachment theory: Attachment, intersubjectivity, Being-in-the-world – Nicola Diamond
An Existential analysis of the 12 step approach to chemical dependency- Rachel Beasley
Ho Hum : a phenomenology of Boredom – Andy White
The story of Ms U; an attempt at existential-phenomenological analysis – Simona Revelli
On the spaces between the letters of a title of a text which has no title, or: “ ” – Alan D.Jones
Professional identities in the N.H.S. – Martin Milton, Maureen Taylor, Byron Gaist
On the possibility of a dialogue between philosophical counselling and existential psychotherapy – Ran Lahav
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