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Vol. 7.2 Phenomenological perspectives on Psychotherapy 1996 SOLD OUT – pdf available

Some idle and random thoughts on Phenomenology and Mental Health – F.A.Jenner and M.C.Chung
Psychiatry and Hermenutics: Dilthey, Heidegger and Gadamer – Anthony Hazzard
Anxiety: an Existential perspective – Nick Kirkland-Handley
Modes of Existence: towards a phenomenological polypsychism – Mick Cooper
The vagaries of the self: an essay in response to Emmy van Deurzen Smiths ‘The survival of the self’ and – Mick Coopers ‘Modes of Existence: towards a phenomenological polypsychism – Ernesto Spinelli
Procrastination about procrastination: Existential anxiety and the early works of Marcel Proust – Simon du Plock
The Epoché – John M. Heaton
A critical analysis of the phenomenological philosophy of Husserls ideas in the context of the Western philosophical tradition and the later Wittgenstein – Rupert Davis
The He-art of Being – Rosalind Pearmain
Between persons: the narrow ridge where I and Thou meet – Harriet Goldenberg and Zelda Isaacson
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