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Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Journal | 0 comments

Vol. 3 Thomas Szasz on the Therapeutic Dialogue 1992 SOLD OUT – pdf available

Taking Dialogue as Therapy Seriously – Words are the Essential Tools of Therapy – Thomas Szasz
A Summary of ‘Taking Dialogue as Therapy Seriously’ – Arthur Jonathon
Dialogue as Therapy – Emmy van Deurzen Smith
A response to Thomas Szasz – Hans Cohn
Some comments on Thomas Szasz ‘Taking Dialogue as Therapy Seriously’ – Andrea Sabbadini
Meeting the Giant – Working with a Childs Death Anxiety – Alessandra Lemma
Sex death and the whole damned thing – The case of Stephen R – Ernesto Spinelli
The language of listening – towards an ontology of communication – H.P.Wilberg
What is existential self analysis – Simon du Plock
The creation of meaning within psychiatric services – Alessandra Lemma and Nigel Mills
Eigenwelt and Gegenwelt – Authenticity in Counselling and Psychotherapy – David Brazier
Three aspects of Philosophy and Analytic Therapy – Ian Owen

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