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Vol 26.1 2015

Experiencing Change: A Phenomenological Exploration Ernesto Spinelli
‘The simple words the people speak’ On Hilary Mantel’s introduction to a 2014 seminar on ‘Maya Abbott and the Abbotts’ in Laing and Esterson’s Sanity, Madness and the Family (1964) Anthony Stadlen
Sanity, Madness and the Family Hilary Mantel
The Contribution Of Female Existential Philosophers To Psychotherapy Digby Tantam
Existential Therapies: A Review Of Their Scientific Foundations and Efficacy Joël Vos, Mick Cooper, Edgar Correia, Meghan Craig
Cancer And Rorschach From An Existential Perspective Susana C. Signorelli
A Phenomenological Meditation on Shinya Tsukamoto’s Vital George Berguno
What Does The Existential-Phenomenological Approach Have To Offer The Current Understanding Of The Pre-Verbal Months Of An Infant? Sophie Caston
Light and Shadow In The Forest: A Phenomenological Exploration of Heidegger’s Clearing (die Lichtung) Rupert King
Loving Our Clients: Can We Share All The Fruits? Andrew Miller
An Exploration Into Self-Harm In Light of Heideggerian and Kierkegaardian Concepts of Repetition Titos Florides
Kierkegaard’s Ideas On Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Ana Maria Lopez Calvo de Feijoo & Myriam Moreira Protasio
Meaning Therapy: Assessments And Interventions Paul T.P. Wong
On Existential Supervision Ernesto Spinelli

Further Existential Challenges to Psychotherapeutic Theory and Practice.
A compilation of papers from volumes 6 to 10 of Existential Analysis

Laing’s Existentialism – Daniel Burston
Misconceptions in Existential Psychotherapy – Hans Cohn
The Self, The Divided Self and the Other – John Heaton
On Disclosure – Emesto Spinelli
Smoke Without Fire – Simon du Plock
Experiencing Language – Mike Harding
All Real Living is Meeting – Sue Morgan- Williams
Existential-Phenomenological Dimensions of Groups- Hans Cohn
The Phenomenology of Listening and the Importance of Silence – Lucia Moja-Strasser
Modes of Existence : Towards a Phenomenological Polypsychism –Mick Cooper
Between Persons : The Narrow Ridge where I and Thou Meet – Harriett Goldenberg and Zelda Alexander
Anxiety : An Existential Perspective – Nick Kirkland-Handley
The Vagaries of the Self – Ernesto Spinelli
What Defines the Daseinsanalytic Process? – Alice Holzhey-Kunz
Sexual Misconceptions – Simon du Plock
Solitude : A Phenomenological Approach -Alfons Grieder
Merleau-Ponty, Certain Uncertainty and Existential Psychotherapy – Diana Mitchell
Philosophical Narratives and Philosophical Counselling – Schlomit C. Schuster
An Existential Analysis of the Twelve Step Approach to Chemical Dependency – Rachel Beasley
The Story of Ms U : An Attempt at Existential Phenomenological Analysis- Simona Revelli
Conscience, Conformity and Creativity : Heidegger’s Influence on R.D. Laing – Daniel Burston
Fact or Fiction? The Relationship of ‘Fact’ and ‘Narrative’ – Harriett Goldenberg
Existential Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis : Poles Apart? – Alistair McBeath
“Today We Have Naming of Parts” – Simon du Plock
Using Language – Mike Harding
Is Existential Psychotherapy Just Another Approach? – John Heaton
Reculer pour mieux sauter – Ernesto Spinelli
Heidegger’s Challenge of Authenticity – Emmy Van Deurzen
Phenomenological Perspectives on Emotionality and their Implications for Existential Psychotherapy – Christina Bruckland
The Discourse of Existence: Existential-Phenomenological Psychotherapy in a Postmodern World – Mick Cooper
Heidegger’s Conscience – Darren Wolf

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