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Vol 25.2 2014

Magnificent Monsters Manu Bazzano
Hatred As Elaborative Choice Trevor Butt
The Dialectic of Love And Hate. The Ecstatic As The Mediator John M. Heaton
The Birth Of The Ethical Subject Eugenia Lapteva
Love and Hate: Existentialism and Psychoanalysis – A Personal Perspective Michael R. Montgomery
Love, Hate And The Emergence Of Self In Addiction Recovery Ryan Kemp & Alan Butler
‘Ticced Off’ : An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Of The Experience Of Tourette’s Syndrome
Ben Trubody
Conscience, Guilt; Nietzsche, Heidegger and Psychotherapy Alex Watson
CORE Blimey! Existential Therapy Scores GOALS! Mark Rayner & Diego Vitali
Beginning The Journey Of Informal Counseling From A Theistic Existential Approach: A Personal Perspective From A Catholic Christian Dr. Charles Eick
The Worldwide Distribution And Characteristics Of Existential Counsellors And Psychotherapists
Edgar A. Correia, Mick Cooper and Lucia Berdondini
Szasz and the Unreliable Reader When is a ‘critique’ not a critique? Anthony Stadlen
Szasz And Mutual Respect – When Is A Critique A Difference Of Opinion? A Response To Stadlen 2014
Christina Richards

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