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Vol 25.1 2014 SOLD OUT – pdf available

Becoming An Existential Therapist Emmy van Deurzen
Being Sexual: Human Sexuality Revisited Ernesto Spinelli
Are Sexual Preferences Existential Choices? Victor Amorim Rodrigues
Working In Controlled Environments: Ideas and Reflections On A Phenomenological Stance For Mental Health-Care Professionals
Diego Vitali
Of Cocaine And Scaffold Bars: A Critique of The Myth of Mental Illness by Thomas S Szasz Christina Richards
Creative Inspiration and Existential Coaching Sasha van Deurzen-Smith A Phenomenological Analysis of Existential Conscience in James Ivory’s (1993) The Remains of the Day George Berguno
The Affirmation of Experience A contribution towards a science ofsocial situations Aaron Esterson
‘QuintessentiaI Phenomenology’ On Aaron Esterson’s ‘The Affirmation of Experience’ Anthony Stadlen
Kierkegaardian Selves: The Will Transformed Dr. Tamar Aylat-Yaguri Madness As An Escape Ekaterina Denyskova
Psychosis As A Mechanism For Coping With Existential Distress Grant S. Shields
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