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Vol 22.2 2011. SOLD OUT – pdf available

De Beauvoir, Bridget Jones’ Pants and Vaginismus. Meg Barker
Sex and Circuses Escaping into the Other. Manu Bazzano
An Existential View of Sex and Sexuality. Richard Pearce
Barebacking and Being, Passion and ParadoxExistentially Confronting Sex and Mortality . Colin Clarke
The Ethics of Interpretation (Inaugural Professorial Lecture). Carla Willig
Transsexualism and Existentialism. Christina Richards
Evanescence and Tragic Beauty An Existential Reading of Yukio Mishima’s The Temple of the Golden Pavilion. George Berguno
The Ten Deadly Sins of Psychotherapy. Ji?í R?ži?ka
From Existential Psychotherapy to Existential Medicine. Peter Wilberg
The Imagery of Water in Camus’ La Chute. James Belassie
Ageing-Towards-Death Phenomenology of Finitude During Old-Age. João da Fonseca
Negative Capability The Psychotherapists’ X-Factor? Diana Voller
What is the Difference Between Existential Anxiety and so Called Neurotic Anxiety? ‘The sine qua non of true vitality’ An Examination of the Difference Between Existential Anxiety and Neurotic Anxiety. Susan Iacovou
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