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Vol 20.2 2009

Nothingness as the Ground for Change: Gestalt Therapy and Existential Psychoanalysis Betty Cannon
A Response to Betty Cannon’s “Nothingness as the Ground for Change: Gestalt Therapy and Existential Psychoanalysis.”
William Moats
Down These Mean Streets Existential Challenges for Therapy in the 21st Century Ernesto Spinelli
Life is for Living Claiming Past, Present and Future Emmy van Deurzen
Truth and Psychotherapy Rimantas Ko?i?nas
Rethinking Sexual Identity Catherine Crabtree
Are Wellbeing, Health and Happiness Appropriate Goals for Existential Therapists? Susan Iacovou
An Understanding Conversation in Dasainsanalysis Ji?í R?ži?ka
To Be Or Not To BeUnderstanding Authenticity from an Existential Perspective Meghan Craig
An Existential-Phenomenological Inquiry into the Meaning of Clinical Supervision What do we mean when we talk about ‘Existential-Phenomenological Supervision? Simon du Plock
Language-Games Race and Bewitchment Haran Rasalingam
Doing Counselling Psychology the Heideggerian Way Jason A Copperstone
Out Of Chaos, Into A New Identity The Transformative Power of the International Sojourn Lorraine Brown and Joanne Brown
Dr Freddie Strasser. A Personal Remembrance Ernesto Spinelli
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