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Vol 20.1 2009 SOLD OUT – pdf available

Szasz, Laing and Antipsychiatry – Again Daniel Burston
Brave New Worlding A response to: Practising Existential Psychotherapy: The Relational World by Ernesto Spinelli, Manu Bazzano
Being Aggressive An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Kung Fu Practitioners’ Experience of Aggression
Roly Fletcher and Martin Milton
Noopsychosomatic Disorders in the Light of Empirical Studies Karol Mausch
The Sense of Life as a Subjective Spiritual Human Experience Ewa Ry
Mid-Life – A Time of Crisis or New Possibilities? Yana Weaver
The Discovery of the Self Through the Academic Sojourn Lorraine Brown and Iain Graham
Levinas and Gendlin Joint contributions for a 1st Person approach to understanding difficult situations in the Mid-East
Kevin C Krycka
Mindfulness and Existential Therapy Marina Claessens
The Lived-Body of Drug Addiction Ryan Kemp
Towards Authentic Existence – Heidegger’s Understanding of Guilt A new selected translation and commentary of section 58 of Sein und Zeit Kevin Sludds
Mindfulness A lived Experience of Existential-Phenomenological Themes Jyoti Nanda
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