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Vol 17.1 2006 SOLD OUT – pdf available

Imaginative Variations on Selfhood Elaborating an Existential-Phenomenological Approach to Dream Analysis-Darren Langdridge
Attachment and Intersubjectivity – Ian R Owen
The Life Crisis in a Existential Perspective – Can Trauma and Crisis be Seen as an Aid in Personal Development?-Bo Jacobsen
Merleau-Ponty’s Husserlian Heresy -Paul Smith-Pickard
“Being an Existential Therapist” An IPA Study of Existential Therapists Experiences-Richard S Wilkes and Martin Milton
To Despair in the Right Way?Kierkegaard, Klein, and the Restoration of the Self-Helen Hayes
It’s About Time. Perspectives on Time and Temporality in Time-Limited Therapy-Pnina Shinebourne
The Existential Elucidation of Evil -George Berguno
“Oh If Only There Were Heavenly Paths by Which to Creep Into Another Existence And Into Happiness!”-Edgar Correia
Death and the Doctor -Elaine Kasket
A Road Less Travelled The Hidden Sources of R D Laing’s Enigmatic Relationship With Authenticity-M Guy Thompson
All the lonely people where do they all come from? Facts, Feelings and Experience from the Philadelphia Association London-Theodor Itten
The Early History and Ideas of the Philadelphia Association -John Heaton
Essay Review – The Essence of Truth by Martin Heidegger-Emmy van Deurzen
Reply to Colin Feltham’s article Existentialism, Transparency and Anthropathology -Emmy van Deurzen
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