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Vol 16.2 2005

Habermas. Psychoanalysis. and Emancipation – Greg Madison
Between Ideology and Utopia: Re-thinking Conflict and Reconciliation in Psychotherapy – Darren Langdridge
The Concept of Language:A Simple Psychologically-Orientating Deliberation – Chris Scalzo
The World of the Text and Existential-Phenomenological Psychotherapy – Daniel Sousa
Ecopsychology and Phenomenology:Toward A Collaborative Engagement – Will W. Adams
Is R.D. Laing’s Concept of Ontological Insecurity Applicable Beyond Schizophrenic Experience? – Graham Prince
‘Silent Therapists’ and ‘the Community of Suffering’ :Some Reflections on Bibliotherapy from an Existential-Phenomenological Perspective – Simon du Plock
Existentialism, Transparency and Anthropathology – Colin Feltham
A Phenomenological Enquiry into the Effect of Meditation on Therapeutic Practice – Jyoti Nanda
Existential Regret:A Crossroads of Existential Anxiety and Existential Guilt – Marijo N. Lucas
R.D. Laing:Homage to Genius – Alun Jones
Heidegger and Joy – Monia Brizzi
What’s Love Got to do With It: Thinking About Love in the Therapeutic Relationship from a Philosophical and Existential Perspective – Luis Rodriguez
Reflections on Freud’s The Uncanny – Noam Israeli
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