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Vol. 11.2 Being-in-the-World 2000 SOLD OUT – pdf available

Heideggers Way to Psychotherapy – Hans W. Cohn
Husserl’s Theory of Empathy : Meaning Arrives with the Other – Ian R. Owen
Empathy – a Cautionary Exposition – Simone Davis
Radical and Egological Intersubjectivity – Nick Crossley
Feeling through the Flesh : An Analysis of Merleau-Pontys Later Thought – Alexi Kukuljevic
A Brief Reflection on Kierkegaards Legacy to Contemporary Psychotherapy – Stephen James Minton
Existential Experience and Group Therapy – Rimantas Koèiûnas
Lacrimae Rerum. Some thoughts on Pretence, Paradox and Pessimism – Hugh Hetherington
Existential, not Pathological “: Proposing a ‘Normal’ Schizoid State – Greg Madison
Understanding Freedom – Dorothy Maglo
Hegel and Freud on Psychic Reality – Jon Mills
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