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Vol.10.1 Controversies 1999 SOLD OUT – pdf available

Reculer pour mieux sauter – Ernesto Spinelli
Life line phenomenology – Alfons Grieder
Is existential psychotherapy just another approach- John M. Heaton
Anger, Madness and the Daimonic; towards an existential depth psychology -Stephen A Diamond
What is Existential a response to Dr Diamond -Hans W Cohn
Existential Analysis and Humanistic psychotherapy – John Rowan
An open letter to John Rowan in the reply to his article ‘Existential Analysis and Humanistic Psychotherapy’ – Ernest Spinelli
Today we have naming of parts: on dialogue between philosophical counselling and existential psychotherapy – Simon du Plock
Using language – Mike Harding
The dilemma that is assessment – Martin Milton and Dale Judd
Heideggers challenge of authenticity -Emmy van Deurzen
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