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Vol. 1 Founding Edition 1990 SOLD OUT – pdf available

What is Existential Analysis -John M. Heaton
What is Existential Analysis – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
Phenomenological method and Client centred therapy – Ernesto Spinelli
Crisis Intervention in Existential terms – Beverley Seligman
Existential Analysis and Psychoanalysis- Andrea Sabbadini
Questioning Existential Analysis today – Steven Gans
An account of the first conference of the Society for Existential Analysis -Chris Oakley
Responses to Chris Oakleys paper – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith, Andrea Sabbadini, Steven Gans
Foucault and the question of psychotherapeutic liberation – Charles E Scott
Become who you are! A sketch of a ‘genetic’ Existentialism – Christopher Macann
On the ethics of Psychoanalysis – Thomas Szasz
Obituary – Ronald David Laing 1927 – 1989 – Leon Redler

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