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Posted by on Sep 14, 2018 in AGM News, SEA Conference | 0 comments

SEA Conference 2018 – Tickets on sale now

“The SEA at 30 – Looking ahead to Existential Therapy in 2048”

Calvin and Hobbes cartoon

It’s not just that we need to finish the previous chapters before we begin another, but that the image of the future is contained within the vestiges of the past, which we carry through the present.  We need to perceive anew in the artefacts of the past the meaning they might have had at the time.

2018’s Anniversary Conference will run over two full days with a diverse and challenging mix of presenters and topics, in addition to a Keynote address each day.
Emmy van Deurzen opens for us Saturday and Ernesto Spinelli opens the Sunday.

In the SEA’s 30th year we are inviting you to join us in exploring that which has gone before, and that which is yet to come in the world of Existential Psychotherapy.

Over the past 30 years psychotherapy, existentialism and the SEA have seen much change, change that has not always been easy.

Change is an inevitable, intrinsic part of our existence.  Yet it isn’t always welcome; it doesn’t happen at the time or pace we would like it to, and frequently it is fraught with confusion and uncertainty.  

Many of our clients and many of us, often find ourselves stumbling through a maze of ideological constructs masquerading as reality.  As we approach the future through the past, some of us can only think of wanting to go back; others are desperate to flee, disowning swathes of their experience; whilst others race towards change with open arms and abundant enthusiasm.

Tickets are now on sale:

We look forward to seeing you in November.

Best, Teresa –

Teresa Cannon & Ben Spray
2018 SEA Conference Organisers
07986 008

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