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SEA Conference 2017

The theme of 2017’s Society for Existential Analysis Conference will be:

Naked and Dangerous

We live in increasingly challenging times; existence is difficult and people behave in ways that are often a struggle to comprehend. Many of our clients, whether through private practice or institutional settings, come to see us as a direct result of these challenges, difficulties and behaviours; some are a pleasure to work with, others, not so much.


  • In its simplest of terms ‘Naked’ is an adjective: ‘of a person or part of the body without clothes.’ But what does it mean to experience a sense of nakedness within the therapeutic setting? There can be something very beautiful about the intimacy of the therapeutic encounter, but what happens when the encounter becomes one where we are left feeling naked, exposed or defenceless?


  • If ‘Dangerous’ means: ‘likely to cause problems or to have adverse consequences’, how do we see the work we do, when, at times, it leaves clients struggling to come to terms with what they may feel are adverse consequences?


Existential psychotherapy has the opportunity, for both clients and practitioners, to experience just how vast our human possibilities and fallibilities are – this year’s conference invites you to engage with these, be it from a point of passion or one of critique.

Additionally, in light of feedback from the previous year’s conferences, we have also decided to hold a Town Hall style Debate/Discussion. Topic notwithstanding, there seem to be recurring themes and dialogues that take place at each year’s event, so we will be opening up the stage to facilitate this.

The conference will be taking place Saturday 11th November and the morning of Sunday 12th November at the NCVO, London.

You can purchase tickets to the conference here.

Please send your submissions, questions and assertions to:

I look forward to seeing you in November


2017 Conference Coordinator

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