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CPD – Working With Sexual Attraction In Therapy

Saturday Feb 24th 2018 – 10am to 5pm


I’m too sexy for my therapist!


Led by Niki D.


In our work with clients, an intimate and exclusive relationship will often be
created, and – whether we want it or not – sexual and/or romantic feelings can
arise and prove challenging for many of us.


So how do you respond when……….


• A client or supervisee expresses being attracted to you
• You feel a sexual charge between yourself and your client
• Your client is flirtatious in sessions and you don’t know how to react?
• You start taking more care of how you dress and
move when you see a particular client/supervisee
• You feel aroused when your client describes a sexual dream/fantasy
• You feel so petrified of getting it wrong, feeling vulnerable or
getting into trouble, that you avoid all references or suggestions
of sexual attraction when it occurs in your work


The aim of this SEA workshop is to offer counsellors and therapists an
opportunity to immerse themselves in not just talking and thinking about the
subject of sexual attraction in therapy…….but also getting in touch with how
we actually feel about this topic, how we resonate with it, in a more embodied
and relational way.


With this intention, the day will emphasise experiential learning; from pair
work, small and large group exercises and client/therapist role plays, to help
us grapple with the complexities of responding to sexual attraction in our work
with more confidence.


An existential perspective will allow us to regard sexuality from an ontological
prism, as one way of responding to life’s givens of embodiment, relatedness
and uncertainty/temporality. The psychodynamic notion of erotic transference
and countertransference will be challenged, as we explore how to respond
ethically and therapeutically to our own and our clients erotic feelings, rather
than from a place of shame, denial or blind panic!


Niki D is an existential psychotherapist who has worked for 25 years’
with individuals, couples and groups. She is a clinical supervisor for the
Metropolitan Police counselling service and for Galop, London’s LGBT hate
crime charity and is a clinical associate with Pink Therapy. Niki is also a
trainer and tutor and has a full time private practice in London.


LOCATION: The workshop will take place at Birkbeck, University of London,


Room 352, 25 – 27 Torrington Square, London WC1E 7JL.


DATE: Saturday, 24th February 2018


COST: £84 for members; £104 for non-members


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