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Time and date: 6.30pm – 7.30pm  Friday 2nd July 2015

Location: Room AG22, College Building, City University London, St. John  Street, London EC1V 4PB

1. Opening remarks/welcome

The Chair, Pavlos Filippopoulos welcomed all those present.

2. Present

Pavlos Filippopoulos, Mike Harding, Paul McGinley, Paul Silver-Myer, Paola Pomponi, Digby Tantam, Murray Blacket, Martin Adams

2. Apologies: Greg Madison, Simon du Plock, Donna Billington, Derek Bean, Claire Marshall, Andrew Miller, Sally O’ Sullivan, Natasha Synesiou, Ernesto Spinelli

3. Minutes of 2014 AGM: Corrections


4. Matters arising from the 2014 minutes:

There was a request to change day of Conference to Sunday. The new conference organisers are taking this into account and will have to decide. A rotation may be a good solution, but this is the responsibility of the Conference organisers. Ben confirmed that this issue was being considered. Murray pointed out that the NCVO can be used on Sunday, but in the past the Sunday attendance was not great, especially in the afternoon, [and it also cost more]. A referendum was proposed among members.

5. Reports from:

Chair: Pavlos Filippopoulos.

This is the third and last year of my term. The Committee structure is being clarified and we are in the process of reviewing the SEA Constitution. Any proposed changes will be put out to the membership for consultation before being ratified.

Other significant developments this year include the reconstruction of the SEA website including acquiring our own server, which will allow more efficient communication and accessibility to membership including social media, a better Find a Therapist page, adverts pertaining to research and other events of interest.

There have been some resignations from the SEA committee, but new people have come in. Andrew Miller is the new Hermeneutic Circular editor, and has produced an impressive edition, which was included in the WCET pack and gave the SEA a lot of visibility. The SEA stand at the WCET was very well organised.

This year’s conference organisers are Sally O’ Sullivan and Ben Spray. The SEA continues to require and rely upon voluntary participation by its members in order to develop and promote existential thought and practice.

(In response to a point raised by a student (Lucy) that she did not know what

needs doing within the SEA and how she could contribute): The

society needs to communicate more effectively to clarify what we need.

We would welcome new volunteers to run CPD and various other events.

I was invited to present an SEA Lifetime Achievement Award to Irvin Yalom at the  the WCET. As a neuroscience person, carrying the flag of existential theory, was very exciting, where medical professionals have begun to be more aware of this approach and how it differs from the medical model. I am really happy to carry this badge and hope to do so for as long as I can.

Treasurer: Paola Pomponi.

Please see pdf attached.

Membership Secretary: Paul Silver-Myer    

SEA – AGM 2015

We finished the year with 10 additional members.

It would be too simplistic to assign the whole of the increase to the effect of the World Congress, but without doubt, it did make a difference.

During that weekend I met and signed up two new members as well as three ex-members who ‘apologised’ for having drifted away.

As ever though the flow, or churn, of our membership was pretty fluid: membership increased by a total of 61, whilst 51 members left. That means that one in three of our members either joined or left during the year.

As mentioned last year, I now invite everyone who leaves to let me know the reasons for their ceasing membership with us. Whilst most do not reply, the most common reasons given are that either they don’t live in London so cannot take advantage of the events taking place, or that the fee does not represent value for money.

Finally, those of you who have renewed recently will have received your membership card in the form of plastic, rather than paper: please do bring them to the conference where they will be doubled up as name badges!

Finally, finally, please do let me know when you change e-mail or postal address

Many thanks

Paul Silver-Myer 3rd July 2015

Please see attached chart

Conference Organiser: Ben Spray

Sally O’ Sullivan sends her apologies. The provisional date at NCVO is Saturday 21st November and the title is Being and Doing.

What does it mean to be a psychotherapist, to do therapy?

Volunteer trainees are in the forefront of therapy in this country, so one idea is for a selection of shorter presentation by students or recently qualified therapists. We will be announcing all this soon and look forward to submissions, we are open to ideas.

UKCP Registration Officers: Mike Harding and Donna Billington.

Report from SEA Registration Officer July 2015

We currently have 115 UKCP registrants, registered with the UKCP

through the SEA.

1 registrant on sabbatical

8 more registrants than June 2014.

2012-13: 82 SEA members registered

2013-14: 96 SEA members registered

2014-15: 107 SEA members registered

There are 10 new registrants this year; bringing the complete

total to 125 registrants.

Number of SEA members who are direct registrants with the UKCP

as of March 2015: 4

D. Billington

Registration Officer

26th June 2015

Mike Harding: Registrants are slowly increasing and we now have 125 registrants, which makes us the largest Organisational Member within our own UKCP college. This number will continue to increase. It is a healthy figure, since Existential Therapy seems to be at the edge of therapies.

Question from Digby: are you going to widen the institutions accredited by


Mike: Not with the number of people available at the moment. In

theory we can do it, but it demands a huge amount of work and we simply do

not have the workforce. People from other colleges who are already registered with UKCP can shift to SEA, but otherwise it will be a huge task. This could change, but at the

moment this is the situation.

Digby: Having an ex-Chair in the Committee who is the CEC rep, we could

easily be able to build a stronger core of member training institutions that

we could accredit.

Mike: We could make an application and then decide. The Society will have to

decide if it wants to take a wider role. I understand we do not have the

resources and that it is a wider decision in the society.

Paul McG: Given the current Shape Review that UKCP is going through it is possible that Colleges may no longer exist, so at the moment were we to pursue this idea we could end up using a lot of energy for something that may not be possible.

Digby: Are you going to have more info next year?

Paul: Yes.

f.  SEA Hans W. Cohn Scholarship officer: Sarah Young



Report for the AGM – Friday July 3rd 2015

In December 2014 the SEA/HWC received 8 applications, 4 of which were not considered as the applicants did not fulfil the criteria of having been a member of the SEA for a minimum of one year at the time of application. The Scholarship sub-committee thoroughly assessed four applications and following some discussion, agreed to make 3 awards:

Tina Hegenbart: half fees for the 1st year and 2nd year of the Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy at Regent’s School of Psychotherapy & Psychology – £3,200 per annum.

Dionysios Sourelis: £4,000 towards completion of Psych D at New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

El Agousou: half fees 2nd year of Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy at Regent’s School of Psychotherapy & Psychology – £3,200

The Sub-committee consisted of: Pavlos Filippopoulos, Lucia Strasser and Linda Stephenson (a past recipient of the HWC Scholarship).

An updated version of the application form for the Scholarship has recently been agreed by the committee. A call out for the 2016 applications will go out in early September for submission at the latest on October 31st. Natasha Synesiou, Greg Madison and Pavlos Filippopoulos have agreed to form the sub-committee.

Sarah Young


SEA HWC Scholarship

g. SEA Journal Editors: Greg Madison, Simon du Plock (via email)

Existential Analysis

Journal report to SEA AGM July 3, 2015

Greg Madison, Simon du Plock, Co-Editors

Editorial Board – this year we have added Dr. Yaqui Martinez Robles (Circle for Existential Studies, Mexico City) and Prof. Kevin Krycka (Seattle University) to our EB. Sadly, a long-time member of our EB, Prof. Alec Jenner of Sheffield University, has died.

Reader’s Panel – We are always looking for reliable readers who will get submissions back to us in a timely manner with appropriate feedback. Anyone interested in joining, please contact Derek.

New Review Coordinator – Derek Bean has courageously taken on the role of Peer Review Coordinator and has instigated some excellent changes in our process that has the review process running more smoothly than it has for some time. He is a very valuable addition to our team.

Quality of submissions – The quality of articles remains high, though the volume of submissions is slightly down on previous years. The positive impact of this is that we can often entertain responses to articles and we encourage this kind of dialogue, in an academic tone, in the Journal. The editors again would encourage input on ‘academic conventions’ in our postgraduate courses so that authors and reviewers are prepared to give and receive feedback and to participate in respectful academic dialogue..

Number of submissions – a number of papers from the autumn SEA Annual Conference will be published in the next summer edition. We are still experiencing a good mix of international and UK submissions. We are currently negotiating for how to include some presentations and papers from speakers at the recent World Conference in London. 

The production process continues to run incredibly smoothly thanks to Katrina Pitts, and to Andrew Miller, who has been another recent addition and a great asset to the team. 

Book review/marketing – Thanks to Martin Adams who continues to deal with distribution, advertising and book reviews, and who has agreed to act as the liaison between the Journal team and the main committee.

In sum, we would like to express our thanks to the contribution everyone on the Journal makes to the (usually) smooth running of things (Katrina, Andrew, Derek, Martin). It is not always easy to publish a Journal almost exclusively by email correspondence and we appreciate the Team’s generosity of spirit working within these constraints. And especially we express our gratitude to the Society as a whole for supporting the Journal by reading, contributing, critiquing and complimenting the work.

Emmy: there are discussions at the WCET to create a world wide Journal and

it would be good for the Journal to be part of that.

6. Elections:

Andrew Miller : proposed by Natasha Synesiou seconded by Paul McGinley unanimous

Sally O’Sullivan:( sharing with Ben) proposed by Paola Pomponi, seconded by Natasha Synesiou


Re-election of the following Committee members:

Paul McGinley – Constructivist and Existential College Representative Unanimous

Paul Silver Myer -Membership Secretary. Unanimous

Claire Marshall – Publicity officer Unanimous

7. Any other business.

Mike is stepping down, but will carry on registering new members for UKCP.

Pavlos thanked Mike for his long and important contribution to the SEA. Digby and Paul McG also thanked Mike.

Pavlos also thanked Derek Bean, who has stepped down, for his valuable work on the SEA Committee.

Max Lowe asked about re-introducing a regular Forum. Emmy suggested and offered a room at the NSPC for watching videos and existential films.

Pavlos: If we had more people to help us, we could make good use of offers such as Emmy’s.

8.  Closing remarks

Pavlos thanked everyone for attending the AGM.

9. Date of next AGM (to be announced)

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