Volume 34.2 – 2023


  • Editorial
  • Existential Therapy Trainees’ Perspectives on the Challenges of their Initial Training – Vicki Smith, Viv Burr & Dawn Leeming
  • What is it Like to Teach Existential Therapy in the UK? A qualitative research study – Simon du Plock, Martin Adams & Rosemary Lodge
  • Pedagogical and Clinical Approaches to Musicians’ Health: A dialogue across disciplines – Mine Doğantan-Dack & Monia Brizzi
  • Dilemmas in Existential Therapy Supervision – Dan Stiwne
  • How do Existential Psychotherapists Experience the Use of Bibliotherapy with Clients? – Carmel Proctor
  • Reading the Asclepieion: Bibliotherapy as a practice integrating ancient modes of healing – Chris Cleave
  • An Exploration of Embodied Relating and the Implications for the Therapeutic Encounter – Alice Weston
  • The Therapeutic Relationship from a Different Perspective: A psychotherapist’s learning from a client – Tatjana Dragan & Jolanta Sondaitė
  • A Twice-told Protest: Working with the conspiracy theory client – Damien Stewart
  • Untangling the Knots: Reflections on the existential therapy of Dr Alexander Alekseychik – Semyon Yesselson
  • A Psychological Approach to Self-knowledge and Personal Change in Heidegger’s Being and Time – Marcelo Vial Roehe
  • On the Essence of Freedom – Ken Bradford
  • Book Reviews

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