Volume 8.1 Martin Heidegger and Psychotherapy – 1997


  • Towards a sketch of an Existential Phenomenological theory of sexuality – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Why Heidegger – Gion Condrau
  • Martin Heideggers influence upon British psychology and Psychotherapy – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Phenomenology and Psychotherapy – Hans W Cohn
  • Time Limited Existential psychotherapy – Freddie Strasser
  • Existential therapy on Heideggerian principles – Miles Groth
  • Martin Heideggers and Psychotherapy – Hansjorg Reck
  • Technical and Original thinking in Psychotherapy – Norbert Vogt
  • What defines the daseinsanalytic process? – Alice Holzey-Kunz
  • Dream interpretation, the ‘royal road’ to the dreamers actual and existential suffering and striving – Utta Jaenicke
  • An Existential approach to HIV related psychotherapy – Martin Milton
  • Heidegger and ‘Hara’. An introduction to Maieutic Listening – Peter Wilberg
  • Book Reviews

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