Volume 7.1: The Legacy of Rollo May – 1996


  • Existential-Phenomenology for the consumer age: the promise and failure of EST – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Rollo May, Paul Tillich and Existential Psychotherapy in America – Robert Abzug
  • The Tragedy of psychology: Rollo May’s Daimonic and Friedreich Nietzsche’s Dionysian – Keith Hoeller
  • The Survival of the Self – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
  • Heidegger and Don Quixote: on the phenomenology of ‘verstehen’ – Alfons Grieder
  • An Existential Analysis of the Royal Song of Saraha – Rupert Davis
  • The Phenomenology of listening and the importance of silence – Lucia Moja Strasser
  • Being onself and Self evidence: W Blankenburg’s thesis on the loss of natural evidence – Lily de Vooght
  • Existential phenomenological dimensions of groups – Hans Cohn
  • Embodiment – Nicola Diamond
  • Breast Cancer: Existential issues on discovery of a breast lump – Carol Carsley
  • Another personal approach to Existential supervision – Regina Wright
  • Book Reviews

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