Volume 6.2: Worlds of Existential Psychotherapy II – 1995


  • Husserl, Phenomenology,and Psychology – Alfons Greider
  • Heidegger and Psychotherapy – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
  • The condition of man in space – Rainer Thurnher
  • The seduction of Positivism: An existential-phenomenological explanation – M .C. Chung, R. G. Hill
  • Experiencing language – Mike Harding
  • All real living is meeting – Sue Morgan-Williams
  • Smoke without fire: towards an existential-phenomenological perspective on hallucinations – Simon du Plock
  • A personal approach to existential supervision – James Pett
  • Looking existentially at planning and counselling in organisations – Judy Tame
  • The sense of death in childhood; an investigation among primary school teachers in Padua and the province of Veneto – Guiseppe Dimattia, Lucio Demetrio Regazzo
  • Regarding Rollo May; Interview with Irvin Yalom – Irvin Yalom
  • Essay review; “Demystifing Therapy” – Hans W. Cohn
  • Book Reviews

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