Volume 5: Psychotherapy in question? – 1994


  • Courting Death : Mortal Ambitions of Existential Analysis – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
  • The question of power in psychotherapy – Jeffrey Moussieff Masson
  • Questioning the power of psychotherapy : is Jeffrey Masson onto something – Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
  • Letter – Gion Condrau
  • Inhabiting Space: some reflections on embodiment and space – Rosalind Pearmain
  • R.D.Laing’s missing tooth : Schizophrenia and bodily disintegration – Brett Kahr
  • R.D.Laing’s Divided tooth – Steve Ticktin
  • Ontological Insecurity and the ‘Immense Sensibility’ of the Jamesian novel – Simon du Plock
  • An outline of an Existential understanding of Sexual abuse – Man Cheung Chung
  • Sadomasochism and Child Sexual abuse – a response to Man Cheung Chung – Brett Kahr
  • A Phenomenological – Existential analysis of A grief observed by C.S.Lewis – Zelda Isaacson
  • Riding Shotgun for Freud ; A reply to Ernesto Spinelli – David L. Smith
  • Riding Shotgun for Freud or aiming a gun at his head? A reply to David Smith – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Book Reviews

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