Practicing online with clients abroad

With the need to practice psychotherapy online due to the pandemic, there have been queries regarding the legality of providing sessions to clients based outside the UK or, on occasions, when the therapist may be temporarily based abroad.

Providing psychotherapy on such occasions is subject to local laws and to local regulatory bodies.

UKCP advises individuals to check this, as unfortunately they can only advise for the regulations of working within the UK, they cannot advise for other countries.

In many EU countries psychotherapists are required to hold a degree in Psychology, in addition to their psychotherapeutic training. Laws varies from country to country.  It is the practitioner’s responsibility to check if they can lawfully use their title as “Psychotherapist’ in the event of practicing with clients based outside the UK, or when providing psychotherapy from an overseas location.

On some occasions the practice may be illegal.

The UKCP is  getting an increasing number of queries regarding the European Certificate of Psychotherapy, but also with the rise of working remotely they are getting asked if it is allowed to work remotely in the UK with clients overseas, for which the advice is the same – to check with local jurisdiction in the desired location, they also advise the individual to check they are insured to work in this way, with their OM and their supervisor.

Affiliation with the EAP does not override local laws.

UKCP are currently updating this section of their website.

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If you are not member of UKCP please check with your accrediting body.

The SEA will keep its members informed of new developments.

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