UKCP have recently  launched Covid-19 online working guidance in the members area. Here is some step-by-step information;

  • The guidance is only available to Full Clinical, Trainee and Non-clinical members. It is not available to Student, Retired and Affiliate members.
  • Members have to log-in in order to access the document.
  • The guidance is only accessible through the member area. There is a button called ‘Covid-19 Online Working Guidance’.
  • When they click the button it will take them to a series of pages which they can navigate backwards and forwards by clicking ‘Next’ or ‘Back’. It is not a .pdf document that they can download.
  • When they get to the end of the guidance they will need to confirm 6 declarations, these declarations can only be submitted once.
  • They will be taken to a confirmation page and they will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation page will offer two links, one will take them to a page where they can edit their Find a Therapist (FaT) profile and the other will take them to a member area ‘how to’ page on our website.
  • Even if they have submitted the declarations they can still access the guidance by clicking the ‘Covid-19 Online Working Guidance’ button in the member area if they want to refer back to it.

Once submitted the declaration  ‘This member has completed UKCP Covid-19 Online Working Guidance’ can be added to their FaT profile. This must be done  manually, it does not happen automatically.