UKCP and the SEA

Whilst it is not the only training route, many SEA members have pursued a rigorous training, leading to UKCP registration. Given the SEA is one of the organisational members (OM), within the Constructivist and Existential College (CEC), that sits alongside other colleges within the UKCP, it seems worthwhile to dedicate a page on this website to communicate current news/points of interest, that concern psychotherapy and psychotherapists.

The UKCP seems to tick along quietly, and for most of us, our only connection to this registering body, is our membership payments, the occasions we recite the 4 letter initialism when vouching for our qualification, and perhaps our engagement with the bi-weekly and monthly emails that the UKCP sends its members.

However, this ‘quiet ticking along’ is carried out by a number of dedicated people. There is much that might interest many, and this space is about conveying that ‘much’.

For anyone who would like to become involved, even in a small ad hoc way, it would be useful to set up small working groups from time to time, to focus on specific areas that are under discussion. This way, the SEA would have more of a participatory role in the body that we belong to, and one that matters to our profession and therefore, to our clients. Future opportunities inviting participation, will be posted in this section.

It is hoped you will return to this section from time to time, and that you may feel you actively belong to the UKCP, rather than in name only.