Recurrent themes from the feedback received in the Scope of Education and Practice (SCoPEd) consultation have recently been published. 3000 individual comments were received in addition to 7000 responses to the questionnaire. Please click on the link below, to view the key themes.


Below is a summary of a recent communication accompanying the SCoPEd themes sent by UKCP, from BACP, BPC and UKCP:


It was acknowledged that BACP, BPC and UKCP who together represent around 65,000 counselling and psychotherapy practitioners, have through collaboration, achieved a place where they are unified in their endeavour to ‘improve access for clients/service users and optimise their wellbeing.’ 


It was expressed that the purpose of the SCoPEd project from the beginning, could have been conveyed more clearly.


It was stated ‘In order to promote our members/registrants most powerfully it was felt we should look to use the evidence available to map out the entry points and requirements to the professions.


It was indicated that the goal is to identify ‘shared policy initiatives and joint campaigns geared at protecting and promoting the status and quality of all our practitioners when we’re under acute threat because the public urgently need us.’ 


It was emphasised that the objective of SCoPEd is to ‘encapsulate in one document what is currently the case.’ The intention being, that by working together, the three organisations can achieve clear visibility before the commissioners ‘as representing a ready-and waiting workforce.’


They articulated a wish for investment in funding to support the memberships in delivering what is urgently needed by people using their services.


It was stated that this work is not complete; that there are some fundamental areas that can be improved, which are being worked upon.


Please note that the SEA does not take a view on this or other projects. Rather, it conveys an update on communications.